OmniEyes DaaS Platform

The mobile cameras from the fleet continuously capture both the spatial and temporal dynamics of every city. With the collected data, we can identify if the traffic jams are due to accidents, construction, or failing traffic signage in real-time. Let alone identification of the road rage, driving violation, illegal parking, stolen vehicles, or the changes of PoI (stores, restaurants, etc.) roads, and landscape. These dynamics provide not just macroscopic insights for urban planning but also actionable data for daily city management.


  • Vehicles(License plates)
  • Buildings
  • Bus Stops

Street View

  • Geonsetry of the road
  • New Roads

Traffic Sign & Marker

  • Traffic Lights
  • Traffic Signs
  • Road Markings
  • Temporary Traffic Signs(e.g. traffic cones, warning signs)
  • Temporary Road(e.g. reversible lanes)

POI (Point of Interest)

  • Signboards

Cars / People

  • Traffic Flow
  • Pedestrian Flow