Our cutting-edge technologies enable a full spectrum of services using off-the-shelf and affordable hardware. With these technologies built in our products, every fleet/driver will be guarded by AI and each vehicle is digitally transformed into a smarter "street view" car.

Lightweight edge AI

  • AI inference is 100% completed in local devices including smart phones. That means faster results, less bandwidth consumption and more cost-effective in cloud storage and computing. OmniEyes provides edge AI solutions that can reduce model sizes by 95% while operating at up to 20 FPS in real-time.

Software-defined sensing

  • From driving violation such as red-light running, illegal parking, proactive driving assistance to smart city management, OmniEyes enables customers to identify behaviors and events via our deep-learning model and algorithms. The only 'sensor' you need is a front-facing camera. Say goodbye to troublesome installation and endless integration.

Semi-HD positioning

  • Information of interests identified from mobile videos such as the status of a traffic light is useless without an accurate geo-location. OmniEyes localization techniques use only one monocular camera to provide up to 1 meter geo-resolution. The best thing is --- it can be seamlessly integrated into our edge models.


Starting from the B2B product line, we are launching a full range of new services to create a video-centric ecosystem with our customers and partners.


A new way of managing your fleets - total control with AI and video.
  • Realtime detection and warning of driving violation (red-light running, wrong way, rolling stops, etc) and illegal parking (parking in designated areas, cross roads, etc) using a single front-facing camera.
  • Real-time playback or cloud retrieval of event videos.
  • Support GPS tracking, idling detection and temperature monitoring for cold-chain logistics.
  • Web-based management compatible with any operating system and laptops/desktop/smartphone/tablets.
  • Customized functions are available via over-the-air (OTA) update.


Far beyond the ADAS you know. We call it double-shield armor protection.
  • Outer shield protection with real-time warning of running red light, wrong way, and rolling stop.
  • Inner shield protection with real-time warning of road rages including 1. cutting off in traffic, 2. tailgating and 3. headlight flashing from behind and conventional ADAS functions such as front-collision-warning (FCW), land departure warning (LDW), pedestrian crossing, and etc.
  • Support event-recording and cloud video retrieval.
  • Selected double-shield functions are available as an APP for compatible smartphones.
  • Complete driving records for insurance claims, traffic ticket appealing and teenage driving control.

City Watcher

Mobile cameras from our customers continuously capture both spatial and temporal dynamics of every city. Traffic jam due to accidents, construction or failing traffic signage can be identified in real time, let alone identification of road rage, driving violation, illegal parking, stolen vehicles, or changes of PoI (stores, restaurants, etc.) roads, and landscape. These dynamics, referred to as city pulses, provide not just macroscopic insights for urban planning but also actionable data for daily city management. Starting in 2021, we are launching a new product -- City Watcher --- to provide city pulses with everyone via our data-as-a-service (DAAS) OmniEyes platform.



Mobile video with Edge AI - We make your fleet/driver smarter and safer, and monetize every second of the video your share with us.


Customers satisfaction is our top priority.

“By introducing MyFleet, we estimate to reduce the annual cost by 5 million NTD for our client.” Arthur Liou, COO of Information Technology Total Services.

“MyFleet is the first AI-based fleet management solution in Taiwan and is a quantum jumping for smart logistics.” Sophia Chiu, Chairman of the TECO Group.

“With Myfleet real-time video playback of driving violations, we are able to not only manage our drivers’ behaviors, but also to improve their safety.” Hsu, General Manager of Pelican Express.