The most versatile fleet management solution for all sizes of fleets and couriers

Small fleets, large fleets, or system integrators have different needs when it comes to fleet management. MyFleet is designed with these user needs in mind. You can choose hardware, AI features, and management platforms that suit you best. After all, no one knows you better than yourself. Flexibility is a necessity, not a luxury!

Drivers' need is also of great interest to our MyFleet design. We believe that there is no conflict of interest between effective management and drivers' user experience. Great management tools should help drivers to do their job not just more effectively but also enjoyable. Small details in MyFleet make a huge difference!


OmniEyes provides 2 hardware form factors that work for all sizes of fleets. Both models use Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform and support at least two cameras. That means you could make the best use of OmniEyes Edge AI technologies and enable ViViD, OmniGuard, and DriverCare packages, no matter what model you decide.

This small yet powerful AI dash camera best suits the fleets that seek a standalone solution for quick adoption of video telematics or upgrade to their existing system. Installation only takes 10 minutes without any hassle of wiring and calibration. "Smart Thing Simple Way" is not just a slogan. It is our promise.

The AI box has rich I/O and offers outstanding expandability. Various sensors including the temperature sensor, alcometer, card reader, tire pressure sensor, etc., can be connected via USB/RS232/Bluetooth. It will be your best choice as an AI hub and accommodate all your customized needs.



Vision-based violation detection captures the critical driver behaviors. The automatically-generated event videos provide robust data for driver coaching and safety compliance.

  • Red Light Running
  • Rolling Stops
Driving Violations
  • Red-light running
  • No stops/No yielding




Traffic violations, including red-light running and rolling stops, can be dangerous, and sometimes even fatal to drivers or other people on the road. OmniEyes ViViD helps manage your fleet by detecting and recording risky and illegal driving behaviors. These critical violation videos are the best actionable data for fleet managers to work with drivers and improve their behaviors.


ViViD + OmniGuard

Alerting a driver is one thing but how the driver will react is another thing. That is why the existing ADAS alone has been proven not so effective in reducing accidents. OmniGuard enhances the current ADAS functions such as forward collision warning (FCW) or lane departure warning (LDW) by introducing a real-time notice of approaching a red light or intersection with a stop sign at high speed. If the driver does not react to the warnings, ViViD will detect and record the violations in real-time. Such a comprehensive understanding of the "before-and-after" behavior makes OmniGuard and ViViD the best combination for effective fleet management and driver coaching.


ViViD + OmniGuard + DriverCare

With OmniEyes' full AI features, we aim to create a virtuous cycle of driving safety. OmniGuard brings the timely alert as the 1st stage coaching to drivers, together with ViViD, which captures the traffic violations as critical events, provides undeniable witness video for fleet management. Last but not least, DriveCare allows the fleet manager to understand what is happening in the cabin. Along with this total solution we provide, the fleet managers will be able to thoroughly oversee the driver's behaviors that not merely assist the driver in developing the habit of driving safely but also supervise a fleet efficiently.


Big data is just big trash if no actionable insight is provided at the right place and time. MyFleet provides real-time critical data for immediate action as well as statistics for longer-term management needs. These valuable data are accessible within one click using OmniEyes or your own management portal.

omniEyes myfleet

Our platform is built from the ground up to take full advantage of edge AI-enabled video telematics. It is a user-friendly portal with easy access to all actionable data. From event-triggered videos to the configuration of individual AI features, your fleet is fully under your control. All conventional management needs such as trace and tracking, idling detection, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration are also supported.

  • Web-based Management for any kind of platforms
  • GPS Trace and Tracking
  • Driver Behavior Analysis and Reports
  • On-Demand Event Video and Raw Video Retrieval
  • Hot-Zone' warning with geo-fencing (coming soon)
  • Route learning and optimization (coming soon)
  • Driver safety coaching program(coming soon)

The technological breakthrough is exciting but the adoption process sometimes could be painful. It does not have to be this way. OmniEyes provides rich application programming interfaces (APIs) so that you or your clients can access all actionable data and videos provided by MyFleet while using their most familiar portal.


Job Well Done. You are only one step away from your own MyFleet. Just let us know how to contact you and we will take care of the rest.