our mission

Utilizing mobile video via connected edge AI - to solve the daily problem of every driver, every fleet, and everyone on the road.

measurable ROI

80 %

Less Red Light Running

20 %

Less Traffic Accidents

65 %

Less Speeding

why omniEyes

Every AI feature provided by OmniEyes is software-based. That means easy deployment, fast integration, and endless possibilities for the future. You can decide what you need when you really need it. After all, nobody knows you better than yourself. You can also choose our ready-to-go solution and leave all the headaches to us.

For Small Fleets

  • Affordable price for powerful AI.
  • Ready-to-go solution with easy installation.

For Large Fleets

  • One-stop shopping for the entire fleet.
  • Customized features with future-proof upgradability.

For System Integrators

  • Trouble-free integration with the existing system.
  • Flexible combination of hardware + software + platform.

Power of OmniEyes Edge AI

14 types of critical events — from driving violations, parking violations to imminent dangers — can be automatically detected using a single street-facing camera, thanks to our innovative edge AI technologies. 6 more events for driver care can also be added to your fleet by adding a secondary camera. These offerings, packaged as ViViD (Vision-based Violation Detection), Omniguard, and DriverCare will be your best helper on the road. Every AI-generated video is accessible with a click in real-time and provides actionable data for drivers and fleet managers anytime and anywhere.


Traffic tickets reveal less than 5% of the actual violations on the road. Tickets may not cost a fleet significantly, but drivers being used to lucky get-away will. ViViD detects and records driving and parking violations in real-time and provides actionable visual data for driver coaching and safety compliance.

Driving Violations
  • Red-light running
  • No stops/No yielding
Parking Violations
  • Crosswalk(intersection)
  • Wrong side parking
  • Designated area (ex. bus stop)

Dangers do not just come from vehicles around you. More than 45% of the accidents happen at intersections. OmniGuard continuously monitors not just the vehicles but also the imminent dangers at intersections and provides real-time alerts to the drivers at the right place.

  • Cutting-off warning
  • Forward collision warning
  • Warning of red-light running
  • Warning of pedestrians at crosswalk
  • Warning of approaching stop signs

The idea of knowing what's going on in the cabin should never be peeping in. The difference between OmniEyes DriverCare and the ordinary driver monitoring system (DMS) is not just the name, but the driver-centric design. We help your drivers in the way they like.

  • Distraction using Cellphone
  • Fatigue
  • No Seat Belt

data-centric AI in action

Witness the power of Edge AI since July 2020, and the numbers are fast growing everyday.

customer Satisfication

Arthur Liou

COO of Information Technology Total Services

"By introducing MyFleet, we estimate to reduce the annual cost by 5 million NTD for our client."

Sophia Chiu

Chairman of the TECO Group

"MyFleet is the first AI-based fleet management solution in Taiwan and is a quantum jumping for smart logistics."


General Manager of Pelican Express

"With Myfleet real-time video playback of driving violations, we are able to not only manage our drivers’ behaviors, but also to improve their safety."


“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” -Jonas Salk. For a better future, OmniEyes never stops moving forward…

2020 Meet Taipei Startup Festival-Top 30 Neo Star

The Largest Startup Festival in Asia. This year OmniEyes was selected from over 200 star-up groups, to be top 30 Neo Star-the most recommendable startup and having a lot potential for growth.

2019 Pan Wen Yuan Prize

The Co-founders of OmniEyes, Chun-Ting, Chou, Ai-chun,Pang and Shou-De Lin, won the Pan Wen Yuan Prize with OmniEyes’ innovative technology -mobile IoT.

2019 InnoVEX, Startup Terrance AWS Joint Innovation Center Award

OmniEyes was the only award winner of Startup Terrace-AWS Joint Innovation Center Award in Innovex 2019.

2019 CES Innovation Award

CES® is a famous tech event in the world — with breakthrough technologies and global innovators every time. Around the world, there were only 11 award winners of Innovation Award-Smart Cities Category. OmniEyes was one of them.

2018 Ministry of Science and Technology Future Tech Breakthrough Award

OmniEyes was selected from 81 groups.2018 Taiwan Innotech Expo – Future Tech” concluded a spectacular three-day run and the cumulative number of visitors reached 50,000.