Taiwan Taxi deploys OmniEyes solution in taxi fleet

Chief Financial Officer
OmniEyes Was Rewarded In CES Innovation Award 2019
With a fleet of over 10,000 taxis, Taiwan Taxi collaborates with OmniEyes to harness real time street data to better service customers with dynamic route optimization as well as enhancing Taiwan Taxi’s fleet management solution with passenger search and locator functions.

Challenge: Optimize performance to enhance customer experience

Taxi business is experiencing a stiff competition from local and global players alike. Picking up customers from one location and dropping them off at another is just a basic taxi service, which anyone can provide. Transportation methods are changing daily making it mandatory for taxi business owners to evolve if they wish to stay relevant, competent and profitable.

Solution: OmniEyes Real Time Street Data Harness System

Taiwan Taxi saw OmniEyes as the perfect solution to evolve their current way of business. By collecting real time street information, OmniEyes provides Taiwan Taxi fleet with dynamic rout optimization based on traffic signs and traffic conditions. Effectively reducing travel time. Spotting pedestrians in need of Taxi is also part of the solution OmniEyes offers.