AI enabled “on-board camera” (OBC) for business and individual customers to replace their existing dash camera.

It is time to leave your dash camera alone. OmniCam is a mobile camera with true artificial intelligence (AI). Enjoy its sheer power and all new experiences, for both commercial and personal use.

An automatic label/alert service for business customers to acquire real-time (non-human) info of targeting objects or events.

Customized notification, update or big data analytics for commercial uses. As long as you are interested, we will present the information from the past, at this moment or even the future.

A smartphone APP for general users to access real-time street info/image/video, or to upload videos to OmniEyes server.

No matter where you are, you are able to access live street views, city information or the hottest events, all through our OmniEyes APP. To see is To believe, as simple as that!

Right information at right time

OmniEyes digs out the information you really need, all at your request. From the passengers looking for a taxi to a public garbage can. As long as it is in the video, OmniEyes will look for you. Nothing is left behind!

Your fleet! Your control!

No idea how your drivers and fleet are doing? OmniEyes can help you via an LTE network. Now, you can see whatever your driver sees, just as if you were with them at the scene.

Surprises with every click

Tired of street views without any update for years? OmniEyes presents the truly live street views to you, no matter where your destination is.

We have a better idea for weather forecast

Tired of the incorrect weather forecast? With OmniEyes AI solutions, you know where exactly the rain is.Yes, we are talking about a street-level forecast.