Pelican Express to minimize driver risk and optimize performance with OmniEyes Solution

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Metropolitan Transport Corporation used OmniCams to gather informations they need
“Taiwan Pelican Express Co., LTD.” bases on the stabilities and reliability of TECO Group. The company has formed a partnership with a number of well-known enterprises to have the first home-delivery (C2C, B2C, and C2B) established in Taiwan in 2000 that was the prelude of the home-delivery industry in Taiwan. OmniEyes offers Pelican the ability to better manage their fleet with risk assessment and control as well as violation notifications.

Challenge: Minimize traffic violations and accidents

Courier services’ drivers are always at risk of traffic accidents as well as potential traffic violations due to the pressure of needing to deliver good within the time frame. Traffic violation fines as well as road accidents can be highly costly, and Pelican Express hope to lower the costs not only to reduce overhead, but also to minimize delivery delays due to accidents.

Solution: OmniEyes Risk Assessment/Control and Violation Notification System

OmniEyes provides Pelican Express the ability to detect violations such as illegal parking or double parking, as well as risks such as red light running, no yielding/stopping.