Metropolitan Transport Corporation used OmniCams to gather informations they need

Pelican Express to minimize driver risk and optimize performance with OmniEyes Solution
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The Taipei Joint Bus System is a bus system that serves the greater metropolitan area of Taipei, Taiwan. Administered by the Taipei Joint Bus Service Management Center, the Taipei City Traffic Bureau, and the New Taipei City Traffic Bureau, and operated by 15 private agencies, the Bus System aims to cooperate with OmniEyes to collect real time information on activities happening in individual bus stops.

Challenge: Illegal parking and bus route optimization

Bus routes’ effectiveness are often effected by illegal parking in the bus stop zones. Resulting to bus not able to stop at bus stops. Furthermore, only passengers who have already boarded the bus can be effectively counted. People waiting in each bus stop also need to be defined in order to better optimize bus services during on and off peak hours.

Solution: OmniEyes event detection and people counting solution

OmniEyes provides bus operators such as Taipei Joint Bus System the ability to automatically detect illegal parking and files the report to related parties. OmniEyes also provides the ability to detect people waiting in the bus stop areas and uploads the data alone with snapshots for bus route optimization uses.