Future Tech 2018/12/13-2018/12/15 @Taipei World Trade Center

SmarTEX – COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018 @Taipei World Trade Center
Press conference 12/19 @Taiwan Tech Arena
The OmniEyes team was proud to receive the Future Tech Innovative Award during the 2018 FutureTech Trade Show at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei for its innovative next generation mobile video platform. The trade show was held from 2018/12/13-15, and showcases many cutting edge researches, and ideas on how these technologies could change our daily lives.


The OmniEyes team is proud to that our breakthrough innovation is recognized by the FutureTech committee. The next generation mobile video platform that OmniEyes provides can collect and digitalize live videos and coverts them using AI technologies to location-based information. Our device-end (Fog-based) lightweight AI solution along with Cloud-AI engines for interconnected mobile cameras is useable for many verticals.