Customer Cases

With the technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence, OmniEyes provides you all the data you can ever imagine. Such as vehicle’s GPS locations, traffic violation detection, object recognition, etc. From now on, all the information of your fleet is in your own hand.



Taiwan Taxi deploys OmniEyes solution in taxi fleet

With a fleet of over 10,000 taxis, Taiwan Taxi collaborates with OmniEyes to harness real time street data to better service customers with dynamic ro […]

Public Transportation


Metropolitan Transport Corporation used OmniCams to gather informations they need

The Taipei Joint Bus System is a bus system that serves the greater metropolitan area of Taipei, Taiwan. Administered by the Taipei Joint Bus Service […]



Pelican Express to minimize driver risk and optimize performance with OmniEyes Solution

“Taiwan Pelican Express Co., LTD.” bases on the stabilities and reliability of TECO Group. The company has formed a partnership with a number of well- […]